The continuation of the dialogue forum begun in 2010 with stakeholders from business, research and politics for the exchange of results achieved in the electromobility model regions Rhine-Ruhr and Wuhan.

Goal: Comparative analyses between the states, partly with costbenefit analysis, with the following emphases:

  • Establishment of projects between companies from NRW and Wuhan; Build-up of economic links
  • Comparison and improvement of business models and transport concepts for electromobility with respect to urban planning and development in particular
  • Discussion of optimisation of subsidising measures and programmes, in particular the effectiveness of incentives
  • Working out common solutions to safety risks of electric vehicles in general and especially of vehicle drive batteries
  • Comparison of different infrastructure concepts
  • Evaluation of the impact of electromobility on the environment (CO2 balance, local emissions)
  • Exchange of experience from the customer’s perspective to increase user-friendliness

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