The goal of the project module »Research Fuelling Station Sachsendamm« is the development of an innovative, scalable H2 fuelling station concept on the basis of LH2 transfers and a 900 bar cryopump along with large-scale validation.

Through developing a fuelling station concept, the project intends to demonstrate that vehicle manufacturer/OEM demands — such as the »refuelling procedure for 700 bar pressure hydrogen vehicles — Release A« and fast 5kg H2 refuelling in 3 minutes — can be met. Yet, while the H2 research fuelling station is being constructed on the basis of the overall project concept, it simultaneously integrates additional innovative components.

These are in particular, the cryopump, temperature management and subterranean installation of plant technology in order to reduce its »footprint«.

Long-term tests will subsequently follow to validate the technology in real life environments. The fuelling station concept itself will be validated on the basis of the three-year test phase. The requisite operational concept will also be developed over the same period. The planned duration of the project is fi ve years.

The project will conclude with the development of requirement specifications, which will form the foundation for future of H2 fuelling stations.

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