The goal of this undertaking is to prove the suitability of hydrogen for regular, everyday use on the roads through demonstration and fleet test of fuel cell vehicles within the framework of the CEP.

Enabling this are three Ford Focus FCEV Hybrid fuel cell vehicles operated by customers. Ford will supervise these from scientific, technological and administrative perspectives. The project is divided into three areas:

a. Demonstration and validation of fuel cell technology in vehicles subjected to regular, daily use
b. Preparatory market measures for fuel cell technology on the road
c. Measures which the CEP project supports and accompanies as a whole

Also incorporated are additional accompanying measures such as the effective public presentation of fuel cell technology in vehicles in order to support the visibility of the CEP.

Besides feeding the knowledge garnered back into this project, it is anticipated that insights gained will be used to support subsequent fuel cell programmes. This specifically means that future R&D activities and programmes as well as thematic technology platforms will also benefit.

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