The provision of environmentally-friendly, reliable and affordable energy is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. It can only work through innovative concepts and technological advances. Fuel cell technology, with its high degree of efficiency, and hydrogen, as a climate-neutral secondary energy source, will in future represent the foundation for sustainable and low-emission energy supply and mobility.

As a leading global company in the development and production of fuel cell systems, NuCellSys is sparing no effort in fulfilling the requirements of pollutant-free and sustainable mobility. The goal of this project is to strengthen the leading position of German suppliers and engineering service providers and gain more suppliers for future-oriented fuel cell technology, in order to best position them for global competition. In addition, the main components of the fuel cell system will be optimised in close cooperation with the supply industry and the service providers through many technological innovations, such as taking on additional, overall functions, new and alternative materials and new production methods and processes for a cost-effective, economically viable manufacture of large quantities. With the development of new concepts in the areas of hydrogen recirculation, new simulation models for the description and characterisation of fuel cell system components and the monitoring of hydrogen, important steps forward will be taken on the road to commercialisation.

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