With the help of this project, local public transport bus operators are to be given the opportunity to test, compare and evaluate various electrification concepts (vehicle & infrastructure), in terms of their suitability from a transport and energy perspective, using a software tool.

This tool is to use parameters such as the route profile, driving profile, turnaround times, etc., in order to provide a scientifically-based recommendation regarding which electrification concept type is best for individual public transport bus routes given the specific conditions of these routes. Optionally, alternative solutions are to be provided through the changing of parameters.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Technische Universität Dresden01.12.1631.12.20683,786.91 €
Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG01.12.1631.12.2055,370.80 €
739,157.71 €