LSG Sky Chefs, the world’s largest service provider of on-board service, has particular interest in the development of new, environmentally-friendly drive concepts in the framework of its sustainability strategy, in order to thus contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions, noise pollution and energy consumption. In Frankfurt alone, the company provides flight meals and other equipment for more than 400 flights per day. Approximately 170 so-called lift trucks undertake the transport of goods from the catering firm to the aircraft.

The »eLift« project has the aim of developing electric-based catering lift trucks of the future. »eLift«, under the leadership of LSG Sky Chefs, is a collaboration between Doll Fahrzeugbau, Euro Engineering and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Different concepts for the electrification of individual components of the trucks, e.g. the lifting mechanism and the drive, will be considered in the project. The basis for the new vehicle is an e-truck. The box-type truck body should fulfil the same functions with the corresponding electric drives as a conventional truck.

In addition all types of emissions, noise and CO2 emissions should be considerably and sustainably reduced through the use of electrical drive energy.

The catering lift truck of the future should facilitate a mechanical and energetic separation of truck chassis and box body, in order to thus ensure an independent supply of the hub system and the independence of future vehicle developments.

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