Because of the diversity of the individual projects in the model regions there is large research potential. All projects in the »Electromobility alliance« are scientifically supported with the aid of quantitative surveys, in-depth interviews, workshops and mobility analyses.

Prior knowledge gained from »e-mobility« activities in the framework of the second economic stimulus package will be used and expanded upon in a targeted way for new research questions.

The research will provide new knowledge on individual and collective opportunities from and barriers to the mobility changeover towards electromobility.

The knowledge gained and associated recommendations will be made available to the project partners and the cross-regional subject areas. This way following the end of the project term, on the one hand existing projects can be continued, and on the other hand the knowledge gathered facilitates the successful implementation of new projects. The accompanying research thus contributes to establishing electromobility in the long term.

Funding Code

Partner Start of term End of term Funding amount
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences01.05.1231.07.15431,697.00 €
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main01.05.1231.07.15425,027.68 €
e-hoch-3 Maike Hora - Meriem Tazir GbR01.05.1230.04.15170,408.00 €
1,027,132.68 €