The WEEK OF HYDROGEN is taking place for the fourth time – from June 25 to July 3, 2022 – in the south of Germany, as the WEEK OF HYDROGEN SOUTH (#WDWS2022 – WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS SÜD).

The states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland will jointly show everything that there is to see and experience in the field of hydrogen. Over nine days, various companies, universities, networks, initiatives, districts and cities in southern Germany will invite visitors to find out more about hydrogen as an energy carrier and its areas of application in the form of events, a wide range of activities and films.

These activities will be organized by the event partners on their own accord, will be announced in the WEEK OF HYDROGEN media, and are free of charge for visitors. Especially targeted is the general public. The WEEK OF HYDROGEN offers an overarching platform for these events, in order to strengthen the effect of the individual activities and to achieve a greater impact – also going beyond the five states – by using a common communication approach.

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As in previous years, NOW GmbH is on board as a supporter of the WEEK OF HYDROGEN. On site, live and in color, presented by the “Electric Mobility Roadshow”, a joint event series of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport and NOW GmbH. This year, there will be several opportunities for interested visitors to experience the “Electric Mobility Roadshow”. Not all dates have been set yet, but already confirmed is that it will be part of the WEEK OF HYDROGEN SOUTH on July 2 at the event “Erlangen – electrified by hydrogen”. More information on the Electric Mobility Roadshow in Erlangen, here (in German).

Initiator: H2 MOBILITY Deutschland
Supporter: NOW GmbH

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