The future of energy supply lies in renewable primary energies. However, their level of supply fluctuates greatly and by itself is not sufficient to ensure a reliable energy supply. Hydrogen will play an important role as a storable secondary energy source both for the stabilisation of primary energies and as a fuel in vehicles. In addition, hydrogen will also be used in many other fuel cell applications to generate energy highly efficiently.

The limitations of fossil fuels and their increasingly harmful effects on our climate and the environment mean that there is no solution other than the use of renewable energies in the long term.

However, due to fluctuations in the supply of renewable energies, a storable secondary energy source is required that also offers a wide range of applications in all the individual technological stages – generation, transport and distribution as well as power generation. Hydrogen offers these capabilities, and especially when used in conjunction with fuel cells, results in high levels of efficiency and the possibility of centralized and decentralized combined heat and power generation (CHP).

Hydrogen will also be required for mobile applications in electric vehicles to achieve longer ranges and is therefore indispensable for many vehicle types (trucks, vans, buses, local trains).

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