Many charging processes take place directly at the parking space at home. This is because charging at home is particularly easy, convenient and inexpensive. Lawmakers have adapted the legal framework around the topic of charging infrastructure, making it easier for owners, tenants and landlords in multi-apartment dwellings to set up charging facilities. They all belong to the target groups of a new guideline of the National Centre Charging Infrastructure, which will be published in April.

These target groups and all other interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the online seminar entitled “Easy charging at Residential Buildings” on 28.04.2022.

Conrad Hammer and Lars-Frederik Jacobsen from the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure will provide answers to the most important questions concerning installation as well as tips on practical procedures and will explain technical concepts that are particularly relevant when it comes to charging infrastructure. Andreas Stoye from PaechElektro will present a best practice example from the perspective of a charging infrastructure installer.

Online seminar (in German): 28.04.2022, 9:00-10:00 am

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