A ‘normal’ school day: In front of the school gates, the so-called ‘parent taxis’ are blocking the way, wanting to bring their kids right up to the school’s entrance. This not only creates stress, traffic jams and chaotic traffic situations, but also endangers especially the very youngest of road users. The extent this has taken is shown by the following observation: Almost one third of primary school teachers claim they experience a dangerous situation in front of their own school at least once a week – caused by parents who bring their children to school by car.

How are children getting around these days? The answer to this question has a decisive influence on the development of children and adolescents in terms of their motor, social and cognitive skills and, last but not least, their health, too. This is where school mobility management comes in: Targeted measures and programmes are designed to make the way to school safer, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly, to strengthen the mobility competence of children and young people and to encourage them to adopt active mobility behaviour.

These measures and programmes will be presented in the NaKoMo ‘School Mobility Management’ workshop. After an in-depth look at the practice at the state and municipal level, the workshop participants will discuss the particular challenges and fields of action of school mobility management in sub-areas. The workshop serves as an introduction to the ‘Mobility Management’ workshop series, which will be relaunched in 2023.


NaKoMo Workshop “Alternatives to the ‘parent taxi’ – school mobility management measures”

04.05.2023 | 09:15 – 11:50 a.m. | Online

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