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The “Live-Talk” is a joint event of the Ministry of the Environment of Lower Saxony and the hannoverimpuls business development agency and supported by the Lower Saxony Climate Protection and Energy Agency.

Green hydrogen is a crucial key element for the success of the energy transition. To achieve an efficient and effective hydrogen economy, it is essential that strategies and solutions intertwine and complement each other at European, national and regional levels. The European Commission has dedicated specific strategies to hydrogen as well as the associated sector coupling. The Federal Government has also introduced a National Hydrogen Strategy. Numerous projects and initiatives have also been launched in Lower Saxony. Together with Lower Saxony’s Minister of Energy and Environment, Olaf Lies, as well as representatives from German and European energy policy experts and industry, we will discuss how hydrogen activities can be effectively interlinked. The potential offered by small and medium-sized enterprises and the ideas of those responsible at the local level to promote the development of a hydrogen economy locally will be demonstrated and discussed using the example of the greater Hanover region.

Any questions you may have wish to pose to our discussion guests can be sent to Sylvia Sabarth from Lower Saxony’s Ministry of the Environment, in advance.

Link to Live Stream: www.vimeo.com/454789559

Time: 15:30 – 17:30 Uhr

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