02.03.2021 – 03.03.2021


Mobility, Heat, Power, Car / Light Vehicle, Infrastructure, Stationary Power Supply, Hydrogen


Event team of the NOW



“Shaping the energy transition across industries with innovations” – Livestream from the dbb forum berlin

The energy transition can only be accomplished through groundbreaking innovations and only on a cross-sectoral basis. The use of hydrogen is widely regarded as the means of choice. By using hydrogen, renewable resources are to be harnessed directly or indirectly for the benefit of energy-intensive industries, mobility and the supply of heating. The interplay of resources requires comprehensive support at all levels: technological, economic and regulatory. Integrated concepts must be devised and implemented. This includes the establishment of national and global production structures for key technologies such as electrolysers, the further development of sector coupling technologies, the creation of appropriate infrastructures and the development of new mobility and residential area concepts.

Further information on the event and its agenda can be found at (in German): www.energiecrossmedial.de

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