The main objective of the 8th workshop on approval, certification and standardisation in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen is to examine the topic of “hydrogen as an energy carrier – from production to use” in more detail, particularly under the aspects of authorisation and approval as well as the associated lessons that have been learned in the past. Furthermore, the experiences made and safety concepts in handling hydrogen will also be evaluated in greater detail.

Announcement of the 8th workshop of the event series “Approval – Certification – Standardisation” (Zulassung – Zertifizierung – Normung) in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen, which will take place on 26 and 27 February 2019 at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center ZBT in Duisburg. The colloquium is jointly organized by the DLR, Fraunhofer ISE and ZBT research institutes.

In this workshop we will focus on the topic “Hydrogen as an energy carrier – from production to use”. Once again, we will present the latest developments in approval and standardization in the fields of electrolysis, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. These topics will be examined in more detail with overview presentations and various practical reports on safe operation as well as taking explosion protection into account. In a further part, the approval issues in the development of the hydrogen infrastructure will be examined intensively. The workshop will be rounded off by an interactive component in which the participants will be able to exchange information on the topics that have been presented.

Developers and manufacturers of components and systems for fuel cell and electrolysis technology as well as their integrators and operators will be able to learn about and exchange information on the latest trends in the areas of approval, certification and standardisation.

The workshop, which runs over two half days and incorporates various discussion forums and an evening event, offers the opportunity to exchange views with experts on applicable norms and standards as well as the impact of international markets and regional regulations.

Further information, including a detailed overview of the programme and the speakers can be found at:

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