The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) provides support for both environmentally friendly on-board power systems of seagoing and inland vessels and mobile shore-side power systems (containerised, rolling or floating) in seaports and inland ports with investment grants.

The funding programme for the Market Activation of Alternative Technologies for the Environmentally Friendly Onboard Power Supply and Mobile Shore-side Power Supply of Seagoing and Inland Navigation Vessels (BordstromTech) is intended to stimulate investments in alternative technologies for environmentally friendly onboard power supply and mobile shore-side power supply and thus reduce impacts from ship emissions in German seaports and inland ports.

The BordstromTech funding programme grants investment subsidies for the upgrading of seagoing and inland vessels to use shore-side power for the generation of on-board power from alternative energy sources or for the procurement of mobile shore-side power systems in seaports and inland ports. Both private and public entities in the shipping and port sector are eligible for funding. Applications can be submitted from now until 30 September 2022.

Through this BMDV funding programme, environmentally friendly on-board power is being made available on a competitive basis, thus paving the way for alternative technologies that supply ships with on-board power to enter the market. The financial resources allocated to support the technology come from the German government’s Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS).