Part of the NaKoMo workshop series “Rural Mobility”

Many innovative and climate-friendly mobility solutions already exist – but most of them are still confined to urban areas. As a result, rural areas are often sidelined from the debate on the future forms of mobility. But according to the principle of equal living conditions, sustainable mobility solutions are also necessary for rural areas, where more than half of all Germans live, depending on the applied parameters and calculations. The mobility options here must not only become more climate-friendly, but also more usage-oriented and flexible in general.

At the same time, the private car will retain its pivotal role for rural residents, at least in the medium term. Here, it is important to meet the requirements of climate protection by promoting alternative, climate-friendly forms of drive systems and creating the necessary infrastructure to accompany this.

We would like to discuss all these aspects with you – in our new NaKoMo workshop series entitled “Rural Mobility”.

NaKoMo workshop “Shaping sustainable mobility for rural

on 20.04.2023 | 09:15 am – 12:00 noon | online

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The kick-off workshop is designed as an introduction to the topic of “rural mobility”. The first step is to develop a common understanding of what is to be understood by the term “rural area” and which special features characterise it. In this context, a distinction from urban areas will be made. In addition, participants will be given a look at existing data and facts on mobility in rural areas: What is the status quo and what developments can be identified? The workshop will be rounded off by an interactive component in which the participants will be given sufficient scope for questions and discussion.

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