Funding guideline 2015

Building on the Electromobility Model Regions funding programme and based on the Electromobility Funding Guideline of 9 June 2015, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) supports the market launch of electric vehicles including all necessary infrastructure.

With the funding guideline, the BMVI supports the procurement of electric vehicles with the goal to increase the numbers of such vehicles on the roads, particularly in municipal fleets. It simultaneously aims to extend the recharging infrastructure including the linkages between vehicles and the power network in combination with the expansion of renewable energy for the transport sector on the municipal level.

Based on the funding guideline, it is possible to support the procurement of electric vehicles and to promote the operation of the necessary recharging infrastructure as well as supporting the development of municipal electromobility concepts.

The National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) coordinates the funding measure overall, in particular management of the programmatic accompanying research. The BMVI has appointed project administrator Jülich (PtJ) with the implementation of the funding measure.

Funding applications for studies as well as investment grants for vehicles and infrastructure are organised in a single-step application procedure. Meanwhile, for research and development projects a two-step application procedure is in place.

Applications for studies as well as investment grants for vehicles and infrastructure are to be submitted by 31 August 2015.

Project outlines in the area of research & development, which are to commence in 2016, should also be submitted by 31 August 2015. Following a positive evaluation of a project outline, submitters will be invited to a consultation session with the project administrator and NOW in which relevant details will be discussed. Following this step, candidates will be asked to submit a formal application.

All materials for the submission of project applications and outlines can be found in the government’s easyonline portal (in German only): Please also take note of the supplementary instructions for the first call for proposals. The BMVI Funding Programme and corresponding funding areas can be found in the easyonline portal under the following descriptions:

  • Fördermaßnahme: Projektförderung Elektromobilität des BMVI (funding measure: BMVI project support electromobility)
  • Förderbereich: Fahrzeuge und Ladeinfrastruktur (funding area: vehicles and recharging infrastructure)
  • Förderbereich: kommunale Mobilitätskonzepte (funding area: municipal mobility concepts)
  • Förderbereich: Forschung- und Entwicklungsvorhaben (funding area: research & development projects)